Public Heraldic Register plans shelved.

The Board of Directors of the Genealogical Society of Ireland had previously resolved to establish a  ‘Public Heraldic Register’ to cater for the recording of the huge number of assumed Arms in use in Ireland today.

PLEASE NOTE: That as many such registers currently exist, both free of charge and subscription based, the Society will not be establishing a register at this stage. 

‘Assumed Arms’ are defined as Arms created by either the bearer or by a heraldic artist and used by individuals, groups, institutions or corporations in Ireland. Under the current rules operating at the ‘office’ of the Chief Herald of Ireland, ‘assumed Arms’ cannot be registered with the Chief Herald of Ireland.

Extract from the Constitution of Heraldry Ireland

ii. The organisation is established to promote an awareness, appreciation and knowledge of heraldry and of our heraldic heritage in Ireland and amongst the diaspora overseas.

iii. The organisation shall promote an awareness and appreciation of the proper use and protocols concerning the design and displaying of armorial bearings and heraldic insignia.

iv. The organisation shall promote and encourage the design and use of armorial bearings by individuals, families, clans, clubs, schools, businesses and others throughout the community.

v. The organisation shall, in accordance with Res: 09/11/720, establish and maintain a ‘Public Heraldic Register’ which shall be publicly accessible on-line. PLEASE SEE NOTE ABOVE.

vi. The organisation shall promote and facilitate the registration of armorial bearings in the ‘Public Heraldic Register’ and shall issue a ‘Certificate of Registration’ in accordance with such terms and conditions, including a fee, as may be determined, from time to time, by the Board of the Genealogical Society of Ireland.  PLEASE SEE NOTE ABOVE



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