NLI 001-1The aims of Heraldry Ireland are as follows:



i. The organisation is concerned with Heraldry which is defined as the study and classification of armorial bearings, including, where appropriate, inherited symbols or devices called charges which may be displayed on a shield, or escutcheon, or banner, for the purpose of identifying individuals, families, clans/septs, clubs, institutions, organisations, and incorporated or unincorporated bodies; the study of the rules, regulations, traditions and conventions appertaining to the design, granting and use of armorial bearings and heraldic insignia and, where appropriate, the tracing of genealogies associated with inherited armorial bearings; and the creation and development of a body of knowledge about heraldry, its history, development and functions.

ii. The organisation is established to promote an awareness, appreciation and knowledge of heraldry and of our heraldic heritage in Ireland and amongst the diaspora overseas.

iii. The organisation shall promote an awareness and appreciation of the proper use and protocols concerning the design and displaying of armorial bearings and heraldic insignia.

iv. The organisation shall promote and encourage the design and use of armorial bearings by individuals, families, clans, clubs, schools, businesses and others throughout the community.

v. The organisation shall, in accordance with Res: 09/11/720, establish and maintain a ‘Public Heraldic Register’ which shall be publicly accessible on-line.  (Not established at this stage)

vi. The organisation shall promote and facilitate the registration of armorial bearings in the ‘Public Heraldic Register’ and shall issue a ‘Certificate of Registration’ in accordance with such terms and conditions, including a fee, as may be determined, from time to time, by the Board of the Genealogical Society of Ireland. (Facility not established at this stage)

vii. The organisation shall liaise, cooperate and, where appropriate, formulate and implement joint promotional activities with Vexillology Ireland.

viii. The organisation shall publish a biannual newsletter, occasional publications and maintain a website in the furtherance of its aims and objectives.

Constitution of Heraldry Ireland – adopted September 5th 2013


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