Genealogical Society of Ireland

cropped-2005-05-31-20-43-04.jpgIreland’s most active genealogical organisation!

The Genealogical Society of Ireland was established in 1990 to promote the study of genealogy and related  subjects as educational leisure pursuits available to all in the community irrespective of age, prior-learning, background or socio-economic circumstances. The Society promotes an interest in genealogy in Ireland by organising Open Meetings, lectures, workshops, publishing genealogical material and exhibiting at major relevant events in the Country.

Heraldry Ireland is a branch of the Society devoted to the promotion of an awareness appreciation and knowledge of Ireland heraldic heritage. The Society has another branch Vexillology Ireland which has similar aims in respect of Ireland’s vexillological heritage (flags and emblems) – see:

To discover more about the Genealogical Society of Ireland or to join ‘Ireland’s most active genealogical organisation’ please visit the website by clicking here.


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